SWIFTCARE™ (reusable face protection March 2020 edition)

SWIFTCARE™ (reusable face protection March 2020 edition) - Swift Vogue

SWIFTCARE™ (reusable face protection March 2020 edition)

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✅ SWIFTCARE™ PM2.5 filter mask provides a high filtration rate (90%+ filtration). Lab tests show a PM2.5 filter with a properly-fitted cloth mask can reduce airborne particles by as much as 90% (evidence here).

✅ City of Jena (Germany) has seen no new infections for eight days since making face protection mandatory (link to The Telegraph here)

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SWIFTCARE™ significantly reduces the risk of breathing in dangerous aerial elements. Filters out pathogens, bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, and smoke.

Made of Nylon mesh for excellent breathability and extra comfort. Lightweight material allows you to wear it all day and allows your skin to breathe in hot and humid conditions.

Activated carbon filter (PM2.5) traps and filters air molecules from deadly pathogens, flu, and bacteria.


It is suitable for cycling, running, biking, hiking, skiing, woodworking, and other outdoor activities.

Hanging ear design and contour mouth design ensures effective seal from the outside air. Adjustable hook & loop strap gets the perfect fit. Easy on, easy off.

No new infections in the only German city to impose facemasks (The Telegraph article here)


Question: Are the reusable masks washable?

Answer: Yes our masks are washable. It is extremely important and mandatory to wash them after each use.

Question: Is a cold-water wash sufficient to kill pathogens? If not, what settings should I be using?

Answer: When washing a face mask, you want to be sure to kill any germs, so temperature matters. Use a warm setting to remove pathogens without weakening the fabric. Your regular laundry detergent is fine. Using these practices will keep your mask clean and also are gentle enough to ensure the fabric will look good and stay in great condition for longer.

You may be wondering if you should be using stronger cleaners, like bleach, or if you should be using the sanitizing cycle. Although those things certainly won’t hurt, they’re not necessary. As the CDC says, "detergent and water alone are very effective".

Question: Do we need to replace the filter each time we use the mask or it can be reused a few times?

Answer: The carbon filter should be changed daily. 

Question: Do they come in different sizes? Any measurements to guide that choice?

Answer: They all come with a unique size that instantly adjusts to the face.

Question: Does the carbon filter attach to the mask or we place it between our face and the mask?

Answer: The carbon filter will be enclosed within a small compartment within the mask.

Question: How is the global pandemic affecting your logistic operations?

Answer: We work every day to select the fastest shipping route. Up until 25th April 2020, our USA customers were delivered the masks within 10 working days on average.

Question: How is the global pandemic affecting your logistic operations?

Answer: For clients who opted for Free Shipping, we always do our best to select the fastest shipping route. Currently, as of May 03, 2020, all logistics companies in the USA face additional delays of around 7 working days to deliver the product. It means that USA customers who ordered our product with Free Shipping could expect to receive it within 13 working days.

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